Hydrolyzed Collagen: Natural Youth Enhancer?

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02 Aug Hydrolyzed Collagen: Natural Youth Enhancer?

Collagen is a protein that gets digested just like any dietary protein, such as fish or chicken. So can it possibly stimulate our own collagen? Oral (powdered) collagen approved by Health Canada is a hydrolyzed collagen, meaning it is broken down into amino acids for increased assimilation by the body and the owner of WithinUs TruMarine Collagen points out that Health Canada allows specific claims for hydrolyzed collagen, including that it can “help in collagen formation.”

The research is quite inconclusive and to date, not peer-reviewed. In my clinical estimation, the benefits derived from hydrolyzed collagen are due to the amino acids which may increase hydration and possibly help with intestinal repair of leaky gut (dysbiosis).

For nearly 20 years I’ve maintained that “The skin outside is a reflection of the skin inside.” As glib as it may sound, it’s pretty accurate.

Our intestinal microbiota (gut bugs) play a huge role in inflammation and immunity. If you want clear and glowing skin, start with your gut. Identify your food sensitivities, eat a varied diet that optimizes your microbiota (gut bug environment), stay hydrated, and if you have leaky gut, take glutamine and probiotics.

Evidence-based formulations like the GI Repair, which is rich in glutamine – the key amino acid responsible for repairing and building the intestinal mucosa – and the ProFlora Blend, a probiotic blend of human-strain lactobacillus and acidophilus species, are designed to improve the intestinal mucosal cells (gut lining) and its microbiota (gut bug environment). A minimum 3 month course is recommended along with the necessary dietary changes to improve intestinal health. GI Repair and ProFlora Blend are available at Pure Pharmacy’s Oak St location only. FYI: If you wish to try hydrolyzed collagen, Organika is half the cost of TruMarine Collagen.

Want to learn more? There’s plenty of information on these supplement in my blog. Or feel free to reach out and contact me if you need some skin care or general health support!


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