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02 Aug Hydrolyzed Collagen: Natural Youth Enhancer?

Collagen is a protein that gets digested just like any dietary protein, such as fish or chicken. So can it possibly stimulate our own collagen? Oral (powdered) collagen approved by Health Canada is a hydrolyzed collagen, meaning it is broken down into amino acids for increased...

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03 Jul Skin Creams and Skin Potions

If you’re wondering whether a lotion or cream will do what it claims, only a few substances have a scientifically demonstrated ability to reduce or prevent wrinkles in controlled studies. Most of the ingredients in skin care products aren’t harmful, but while you may enjoy...

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02 Feb Exams & Tests At Midlife

Preventative Health Guidelines for Midlife Women The following are recommendations for midlife women at average risk for most diseases. When in a high risk group for disease and/or experiencing symptoms, time frames should be defined by your provider. 40–49 Years General Health Comprehensive History: Current health status, personal health...

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