Chronic Pain


23 Sep Link Between the Vagus Nerve and Inflammation

Simulating the vagus nerve reduces inflammation and symptoms of arthritis. Inflammatory responses play a central role in the development and persistence of many diseases and can lead to debilitating chronic pain. In many cases, inflammation is your body's response to stress. Therefore, reducing "fight-or-flight" responses in the...

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10 Sep Castor Oil for Pain

An Age-Old Remedy Provides Powerful Pain Relief Over the years, I have seen the topical use of castor oil relieve moderate-to-severe pain in patients who were not responding to pharmaceutical pain relievers, and restore mobility to stiff and achy joints in patients with arthritis. And while...

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11 Jul Pain & Inflammation Relief with Piperine

Piperine is the major alkaloid constituent present in P. nigrum (black pepper) and P. logum (long pepper). Piperine has been scientifically validated as a bioavailability enhancer. There are a few possible mechanisms by which piperine acts as bio-enhancers: Promoting rapid absorption of nutrients/ medicines Increasing blood supply...

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14 Apr Chronic Pain & Meditation

Sarah Kehoe tried Aleve for her back pain. She tried stretching. She tried yoga. She tried forgetting about it. She tried pain patches. She tried acupuncture. A shot of painkillers into her back. Prescription anti-inflammatory pain patches. Opiates. Surgery. Physical therapy. Heat and compresses. Ignoring...

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