Charitable Giving


Tithing is a practice of sharing one’s resources with others, and I have always believed in the act and grace of tithing.

Spiritual traditions speak of the need to spiritually share with others a portion of the generosity that the Universe has bestowed upon them. While there can never be enough support offered to those around us who are in need of help, I think that our present time holds a perspective that has never been a part of the “eye” of the human soul as much as it is now.

I’ve gathered a list of organizations that I believe are making substantial contributions to humanity. I invite you to read this page on a regular basis. It is my hope that you will be moved to support the organizations that are mentioned here. If you are, I encourage you to contact the organization of your choice directly, to see what type of assistance is most needed.

Please do not send donations to the clinic or to Dr. Adatya.

Doctors Without Borders – Medicins Sans Frontiers (MSF)

MSF Canada

MSF is one of the world’s leading independent international medical relief organizations, working in more than 70 countries worldwide and with operational centers and national offices in 21 countries. Their mandate concerns emergency relief, and the principles they honor while carrying out their work are contained in the MSF Charter. They launch their operations in areas where there is no medical infrastructure or where the existing one cannot withstand the pressure to which it is subjected.

MSF welcomes volunteers from health-care related fields including physicans, nurses, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, occupational therapists and the like to offer training and assistance at their outreach medical centers world wide.

720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 402 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2T9

Charitable registration # 13527 5857 RR0001

Tel for MSF Canada: +1 800 982 7903

Children’s Peace Center in Ghana

“The true challenge today, the real stake which determines the future, is to arrive for the first time to live together, with self-respect for others and for the environment.”

Our children need us to hold a humane, open-minded, spiritual perspective on how to deal with life’s challenges. This Children’s Center is a response to that void. Where else but in Africa can this be best explored and resolved? These children need to find their inner hope and dreams as well as realize their ability to live in peace and harmony.

Please contact and/or send donations to:
Nina Lynn Meyerhof, Ed.D.
Children of the Earth
26 Baycrest Dr. , South Burlington VT 05403

Hospice Austin

The Hospice Austin Mission Statement:
Hospice Austin is a nonprofit organization providing comprehensive hospice and palliative care to patients and families in Central Texas who are facing terminal illness. Our purpose is to relieve physical, emotional, and spiritual pain so that life can be experienced as fully and hopefully as possible. We provide emotional and spiritual support for hospice families and others in our community as they heal during bereavement.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, non-profit, with links to hospices in states/counties/cities.

Last Acts, non-profit, educational entity. and for regional contact info, Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization is

Living Well & Dying Well

All Our Relations Hospice and Retreat Centre

“Birth and death are not two different states, but they are different aspects of the same state.” Gandhi

All Our Relations represents two sides of the same coin—the Retreat Centre where people can learn to live well and the Hospice where people are supported as they die. At the Retreat Centre, people are encouraged to step back and gain perspective on their lives. Through support groups and on going courses and workshops they are also encouraged to grapple with other life issues: illness, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or other relationships.

The Hospice is a natural extension of this reverence for life. In its peaceful, home-like atmosphere, family members, free of outside pressures, can spend time with dying loved ones.

“All Our Relations: is derived from a First Nations’s prayer that recognizes all life as being sacred and connected. All Our Relations Hospice & Retreat Centre applies that principle through compassion, service and creativity.”

Contact: Marjorie Paleshi
Phone: 519-884-4914
6 Harness Lane
Elmira, ON, N3B 3K5

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

The P.C.R.F. works hard everyday to provide poor children in the Middle East suffering from sickness and injuries with lifesaving medical assistance. All of this is at a cost-free basis to the families. The P.C.R.F. is an American 501© (3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax exempt.

The Relief Fund is constantly looking for sponsors to cover the travel cost of bringing injured children to their site for medical treatment. People can donate funds or frequent flyer miles to help those who might otherwise have to wait for a sponsor. Further support is sought to help with their Child Sponsorship Program, which provides assistance to needy children suffering from mental and physical disabilities. Sponsors are also need to help cover the shipment cost of medical supplies and equipment.

The Upledger Foundation

The Foundation works with Vietnam veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

11211 Prosperity Farms Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
1-800-233-5880 x561

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) is a charitable non-profit organization, founded in 1982, whose mission is to respond to the needs of people in the Trenton area by 1) providing meals to all those who are hungry; 2) providing services to encourage self-sufficiency and improve quality of life; 3) informing the wider community of the needs of the hungry; and 4) advocating for resources to meet those needs.

TASK serves hot meals during the weekday and their Adult Education Program offers one-on-one tutoring in literacy, basic math, preparation for the GED exam and computer skills. Other services include hygiene bag distribution; phone, fax and mail service; computer access; on-site case management; children’s programs; and art programs.

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
72 ½ Escher St.
P.O. Box 872
Trenton, NJ 08605

Whole Child Initiative

To identify, chronicle, and share the most effective approaches worldwide which improve the well-being of children and their families, enabling them to succeed and reach their fullest potential. This information will be used to better inform and enlighten the next generation of programs for children.

Whole Child Initiative
1581 LeRoy Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94708