16 Sep The Causes of Hair Loss

The majority of women who have been on birth control pills, who have been pregnant, or who have been through menopause have had to contend with some degree of hair loss. Understanding Hair Hair is not alive, it is actually made up of dead cells. However, the...

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11 Dec Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

The causes of hair loss are multifactorial and a comprehensive review of your general health and lab work with a Naturopathic Physician can be invaluable at individualizing a treatment approach to managing *your* cause of hair loss. Here's some generalized supportive suggestions. Dietary Considerations Sugar and Hair...

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28 Mar Melatonin For Hair Loss

As I watched a commercial for a hair transplant clinic, one of the men said "80% of men's emotional health is dependent upon having a full head of hair. "It is also often quoted from the Bible that a woman's "crowning glory" is her hair....

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