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14 Jan Eat With Your Fork, It’s Better For YOU

...And the Environment! The bottom line is the meat industry has encouraged a rather unhealthy diet. Epidemiological studies around the world has confirmed that a higher plant based diet results in lowered incidences of mortality and morbidity across the full range of disease conditions. Changing your diet...

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22 Jul EMF Radiation

Cell phones, computers, tablets, plasma televisions, Bluetooth audio systems and headsets, hands-free vehicle technology, routers and modems, cable networks, and now, smart watches. We have a strange attraction to watch reality television shows that depict individuals living “off the grid,” but have you ever stopped...

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09 Jul Report: Sunscreens 2016

Written by Jenny Luna for Mother Jones – May 24, 2016 Online Whether you're putting it on yourself or someone else, the importance of sunscreen has been drilled into most of us from an early age. But choosing a bottle to throw in your beach bag can be...

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