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24 Feb Build Strength, Build Bones

Strength training with free weights, weight machines or resistance bands can help build and maintain muscle mass and strength. Strong muscles lead to strong bones. And strong bones can help minimize the risk of fracture due to osteoporosis. Numerous studies have shown that strength training can...

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24 Feb Quitting Addiction

Change can be challenging. When trying to get over an addiction to drugs, alcohol or a behaviour, research confirms having a guide is a useful strategy. The following steps can help you move toward your recovery goals. To optimize your success, try implementing all 5...

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24 Sep Cholesterol, Friend and Foe

Cholesterol is essential for good health and a critical building block for the cells in your body. Here's a primer on how cholesterol can be both beneficial and disadvantageous to your health. This waxy, fat-like substance is produced naturally, mainly in your liver. But it also...

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