Migraines & Headaches


16 Dec Natural Migraine Support

Multiple factors can predispose someone to migraines, including food sensitivites, hormone imbalance, poor digestion as well as nutritional imbalance. Food Migraines are often a symptom of dietary inadequacy or error: 80-90% of migraine patients who are tested for food sensitivity, test positive. Strategy: Eliminate food sensitivities. Determination is...

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14 May Melatonin For Migraine Sufferers

Melatonin benefits go beyond improving sleep; the hormone may decrease migraine frequency and intensity, too. The crushing pain, nausea, and light sensitivity of a migraine headache can wreak havoc on the lives of migraine sufferers. New research is pointing to surprising melatonin benefits that may offer...

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10 Apr Can Magnesium Supplements Be Used to Treat Both Migraines & Constipation Simultaneously?

Magnesium is one of the most frequently prescribed supplements in practice. Two of the common uses of magnesium supplements are to treat muscle spasms/migraines and constipation. However, these two indications are actuallyopposed to each other in clinical settings. Absorbability - The Cause of Opposition Different absorption rates...

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