Senior’s Health


For nearly 20 years the Vancouver based Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Tasnim Adatya, has offered safe, effective, preventative health care for men and women’s health over 65.

Adults in the 65+ age group visit Naturopathic Physicians for a variety of reasons. Some come for specific health issues or disease conditions, others want to optimize their health and decrease the risk for familial tendencies and/or chronic degenerative diseases. Many are confused by the numerous prescriptions they take and are looking for natural alternatives.

“Many have questions about the vitamins and herbs they take and want guidance about them. They want information so they can avoid side effects, drug-drug and herb-drug interactions.”

Sometimes Dr. Adatya’s naturopathic approach requires major lifestyle changes for success. These changes can be more difficult to make as we age. As a physician, she educates her patients and helps them to make a gradual transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Naturopathic medicine is the best choice for natural prevention and treatment of most health conditions faced by seniors, including:


Allergies Arthritis
Cancer Depression
Diabetes Fatigue
Heart disease Hypertension
Mental/cognitive disorders Menopausal symptoms
Obesity Osteoporosis
Pain Parkinson’s disease
Prostate enlargement Digestive system conditions