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Clinic contact: 604-224-2124

988 W. 22nd Avenue in Vancouver, BC V5Z 2A1

(behind Pallet Coffee on Oak & W.22nd)

Let’s unlock your health potential and ability to be healthy, happy, and whole…

Are health issues holding you or a loved one back? Are you tired of having your body or brain working against you, not for you? What would life feel like if those barriers didn’t exist? Would you feel balanced, motivated, clear, energized, happy, strong, calm, or at ease? Are you ready to take action and recover your health, your potential, and the life you want? With 25 years as Naturopathic doctor, I’m confident I can help.

Call me at 604-224-2124 or use the contact form below to email me and let’s talk about how I can help you truly thrive!

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