ProFlora Blend Probiotic


28 Mar ProFlora Blend Probiotic

This is a next generation probiotic supplement without FOS, prebiotics or fillers. Dr. Adatya’s ProFlora Blend is a part of her evidence-based signature line. 

With literally thousands of probiotics on the market now, it can be nearly impossible to choose. To help you get the most benefit, I’ve compounded a high potency probiotic with billions, rather than millions, of microorganisms.

After researching peer-reviewed journals from the Cochrane Database and pooling from nearly 20 years of clinical practice, I’ve sourced the highest quality, most potent probiotic affordable, one which uses 14 human-sourced strains of both lactobacilli (for the small intestine) and bifidobacteria (for the large intestine) and has been proven to survive the harsh conditions of the stomach. It is combined with Sacchromyces boulardi to deliver a powerful dose of 20 Billion active organisms per 1/8 tsp directly to the intestines.

Note: probiotics are naturally acid resistant and should not be enteric coated. They should also not contain FOS, a synthetic sugar that contributes to gas and bloating, nor fillers like GMO-sourced maltodextrin, particularly if you have SIBO.

2nd Note: Genestra’s HMF Forte is a popular probiotic prescribed by many of my colleagues. I have great issue with this and many of Genestra’s line of probiotics. Namely: HMF contains FOS, includes only 2 flora strains, and uses maltodextrin as a filler. The only Genestra probiotics I recommend is Neogen for infants and the Multistrain formula which is FOS-free but provides only a 30day supply of 15B/serving at a much higher cost than the ProFlora Blend’s 60day 20B/serving supply.  

Pro-Flora Blend is only available at the Oak Street Pure Pharmacy location and is GST-free.

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