Your Personal Growth Journal


To everyone of us who finally…maybe…possibly… believes they have the right to perpetual health, happiness & well-being, beginning now.

This Personal Growth Journal is for those who wish to cherish each day as if it were a spectacular adventure. It will encourage a zest for learning and growth that lives on through the pages of your journal and inspire you to reach for the life of your dreams.

This journaling project enables you to lean into each day of your life with efficiency and clarity of purpose. It provides you with tools for self-discovery, growth and transformation. As a record of your strengths, successes and blessings takes shape in the pages that follow, you will experience feelings of achievement and victory. These new feelings will become a powerful motivator to help you strive for continued growth.

As you practice the life-changing principles contained in these pages, you will be amazed at the help that will come to you. Set your sights on the goals ahead of you and let your journal assist you in creating the life of your dreams!

Click here to view excerpts from Dr Adatya’s Growth Journal: