The Stress Remedy by Dr Doni Wilson


The Stress Remedy by Dr Doni Wilson

The Stress Remedy: Master Your Body’s Synergy and Optimize Your Health, by Dr. Donielle (Doni) Wilson, is a long-awaited definitive resource to understanding and treating stress-related ailments. Penned by one of the nation’s leading naturopathic doctors and nutrition specialists, this resource offers insight into stress – a condition we all experience on some level, and the culprit of a host of ailments. Importantly, The Stress Remedy provides step-by-step advice about diet, rest, exercise, and more, to help readers tap into a well of energy and vitality in their own lives through simple lifestyle changes.

In The Stress Remedy readers will develop an understanding of the true secret to health through empowering tips that will transform and improve their health. The book is broken down into three key steps: Step One: Analyze Your Distress – identify how your body has been impacted by stress; Step Two: Master Your Synergy – learn how your body creates either “vicious cycles” or “virtuous cycles” to either intensify or alleviate the effects of stress; and, Step Three: Customize Your Health – individualize your approach to the particular stresses you face.

Within these three steps to health, Dr. Doni sheds light on the following topics:

  • What is The Stress Remedy
  • Why is Your Body Ever Less Than Optimal?
  • How to Analyze Your Distress
  • Understanding Synergy
  • Adrenal Distress: The First Gateway to Stress
  • Imbalanced Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Leaky Gut: Compromising Your Entire System
  • Achieving Optimal Synergy
  • A Health Plan that Fits Your Life

“Stress is at the root of virtually all of the disorders we experience,” explains Dr. Doni. “Since stress is an
unavoidable part of life, I wrote The Stress Remedy to help empower readers with insight into stress