Sublingual Immunotherapy Treats Allergies


Sublingual Immunotherapy Treats Allergies

What are the benefits to using immunotherapy to treat environmental allergies?

The primary benefit to using homeopathic sublingual immunotherapy is the ability to treat more patients, including children, asthmatics and others who aren’t able to tolerate injections.

Homeopathic sublingual immunotherapy requires fewer Health Care Practitioners’ visits than allergy shots. Most patients receiving homeopathic sublingual immunotherapy need only a few visits to the Health Care Practitioner in the first year.

The end benefit is feeling better! When taking immunotherapy properly, patients report fewer absences from work and school.

While most patients with seasonal allergies do not present with symptoms in the winter months, many will benefit from pre-seasonal allergy treatment. Tree season in Western Canada starts in February. The best time to commence desensitization is 1 to 2 months before the pollen flies.

Sublingual immunotherapy works by delivering a small dose of the offending allergen at regular intervals to help the body develop a tolerance to these pollens. Use Pollenguard sublingual allergy drops to treat the cause, not just the symptoms and the body will develop immunity to the offending allergen. Sublingual immunotherapy is non invasive, natural, clinically proven and easy.

SLIT therapy requires a prescription and each vile lasts approximately one month. Several environmental allergens can be included in a single vial. If you’re seeking allergy relief, book an appointment and let’s get your life back. Imagine an allergy season without the raccoon eyes, runny red nose and fatigue!

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