Diagnosing Endometriosis, Current Perspectives


Diagnosing Endometriosis, Current Perspectives

Endometriosis is a common, long term condition where the lining inside the uterus is found outside of it.  This can cause major problems, symptoms vary significantly from person to person and can include: painful periods, abdominal pain, pain during sex, and difficulties falling pregnant.

Endometriosis can be challenging to diagnose. Currently, laparoscopic surgery (also known as keyhole surgery) is the best way to diagnose the condition because the gynecologist can see the endometriosis inside the abdomen. However, this test is invasive, associated with complications and expensive.

A resent paper published in the British Journal of Gynecology (BJOG), researchers wanted to establish if a blood test called CA-125 could diagnose endometriosis without the need for surgery. The researchers identified, evaluated, and combined the findings of 22 previous research studies which included results from 3, 626 women with suspected endometriosis.

The researchers discovered that women who received a positive CA-125 test result were almost always found to have endometriosis. Therefore, this blood test could be used as an accurate diagnostic test, facilitating a quicker diagnosis, thereby providing women with endometriosis earlier access to treatment.

Unfortunately, a negative result from a CA-125 test does not exclude the possibility of endometriosis. These women will require further investigation. To find out more, please visit the full paper online: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/1471-0528.14055/full and visit my blog for more insights into natural therapies for endometriosis and other female hormonal concerns.

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Dr Tasnim Adatya

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