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22 Mar Coconut Water: Friend or Foe?

Coconut water has certainly been touted as one of the best all natural, healthy electrolyte replenishers and a superior beverage to commercial sports drinks. The benefits of coconut water are great: it's an excellent thirst quencher, a good way to hydrate, and has important nutrients....

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28 Jan Motivation to Get Exercising!

We all know that regularly exercise is good for our health… and waistline. But the problem is that knowing about the benefits of exercise doesn’t equate to actually getting out and exercising. Here are 7 practical steps that can help you get motivated to exercise. “I...

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16 Jul Exercise Benefits for Arthritis

While many of my arthritis patients may cringe at the thought of excessive bodily movement, keeping a strict exercise regimen may help to reduce their symptoms and maintain joint function. If you are struggling to upkeep excellent joint health, try and keep the following ideas in...

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09 Jul Sitting the New Smoking?

Already feel like you are doing everything for your health, but unaware of the impact of one our most seemingly innocuous habits of the day? Turns out our sedentary lifestyles are affecting our health more significantly than previously recognized, and these negative health consequences are not...

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