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27 Feb Menstrual Cycle Changes?

Experiencing changes in your menstrual cycle? One of the earliest signs that perimenopause is occurring and that menopause is approaching, is a change in your menstrual cycle. Here’s what I tell my patients they may experience: Missed periods ­ you may skip your period for a month...

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11 Jan How Hormones Affect Sleep

Difficulty sleeping is one of the more common symptoms during the hormonal transition of peri-menopause and menopause. Here's what the research has to say about how hormones affect sleep. First off, progesterone. This hormone is responsible for our deepest sleep cycle, non-REM sleep, primarily by affecting...

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16 Apr Menopause and Giving in to the Mystery

Guest Blog: By Lynette Sheppard from her Menopause Goddess Blog Early in my Menopause transition (euphemism for hellish maelstrom of horrifying hormonal events), so many things bothered me that I couldn’t keep count. As the preliminary freakouts of perimenopause and volcanic upheavals of The Big M are...

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