Cold and Flu


04 Mar Wet Sock Treatment

Want a natural way to stimulate your immune system and zap your congestion that doesn’t involve swallowing handfuls of supplements or nasty tasting concoctions? If you’ve never tried the “wet sock treatment”—tonight is the night to give this commonly-prescribed naturopathic treatment a try. What is the...

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15 Dec Naturopathic Flu Prevention Tips

It’s that time of year, when the flu arrives, and with it, the choice of whether or not to get the flu vaccine. Many people assume that just because I am a naturopathic doctor, I am against the flu vaccine. This is not true. My...

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13 Jun The Lung Microbiome

Breathing Life into Lung Microbiome Research Source: The Scientist, By Rina Shaikh-Lesko If the human digestive tract were a river from the mouth extending through the stomach and intestines, ending at the anus, the lungs would be pools alongside that river that are often swept by eddying currents,...

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