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03 Jul Sunscreen Tips

Choosing the right sun protection and applying it properly are the most important steps you can take to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, even if you live in Vancouver. It sounds simple, but these steps are often misunderstood. Here are the basics: ...

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03 Jul Skin Creams and Skin Potions

If you’re wondering whether a lotion or cream will do what it claims, only a few substances have a scientifically demonstrated ability to reduce or prevent wrinkles in controlled studies. Most of the ingredients in skin care products aren’t harmful, but while you may enjoy...

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03 Jul Quick Guide to Skin Care Ingredients

The labels of anti-aging products promote some impressive sounding ingredients. What are they? Can they help your skin? This glossary defines many of the terms or ingredient names you are likely to encounter. But keep in mind that most cosmetic products are not regulated and in...

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16 Mar Acne and the Pill

If you have been struggling with acne, natural medicine can help! What is acne? Acne, also called "zits' or "breaking out," usually consists of different types of bumps on the skin. The most common are pimples, blackheads, and whitehead. Severe acne can cause deeper bumps, called cysts...

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