Cold and Flu


07 Apr Is It a Cold or the Flu?

Knowing whether you have a cold or the flu can be difficult to determine, but it's important to know the difference because getting the flu can have more serious complications. The terms "cold" and "flu" describe illnesses that are caused by many different viruses. However, it...

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06 Apr The Strangest Remedy for Colds & Flu

Wet Sock Treatment: A Novel Home Remedy for the Cold and Flu If your head is congested and you can’t sleep, give the wet sock treatment a try as an inexpensive, yet effective, home remedy for the cold and flu. Want a natural way to stimulate your...

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04 Mar Wet Sock Treatment

Want a natural way to stimulate your immune system and zap your congestion that doesn’t involve swallowing handfuls of supplements or nasty tasting concoctions? If you’ve never tried the “wet sock treatment”—tonight is the night to give this commonly-prescribed naturopathic treatment a try. What is the...

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