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14 Jan Eat With Your Fork, It’s Better For YOU

...And the Environment! The bottom line is the meat industry has encouraged a rather unhealthy diet. Epidemiological studies around the world has confirmed that a higher plant based diet results in lowered incidences of mortality and morbidity across the full range of disease conditions. Changing your diet...

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31 Aug Poverty Saps Mental Capacity

Being preoccupied with money problems saps mental capacity – equivalent to 13 IQ points or losing a night’s sleep, scientists say: - See more at: ...

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18 Aug Patients’ Rights to Integrative Medicine

A battle inside Congress and the Executive branch over the right of patients to choose care from the types of practitioners they prefer is erupting inside the Beltway. At stake is the meaning and potential revocation of ”non-discrimination in health care,”Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act....

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