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02 Aug Simple Purple Slaw

Here’s a simple recipe for a coleslaw-type salad that tastes amazing! It’s made with a light lemon dressing and spiced up with toasted pumpkin seeds and dried fruit. Gluten-free and vegan. P.S. Purple cabbage has six times more antioxidants than white cabbage, so you can...

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21 Aug Health Benefits of Garlic

In a world where clickbait headlines and competition for “likes” and “shares” means sensible science is sidelined by sensationalist promises regarding the latest and greatest super fruit newly discovered deep in the Amazon rainforest, it’s nice to know that some of the tried and true,...

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05 Jan Garlic Vegetable Soup

Even eaten on its own, garlic is a mega-immune-system booster, but in a soup it takes on comforting qualities that go beyond the benefits of food. Ingredients  1 smallyellow or purple onion, chopped 1 celery stalk, minced 2 carrots, minced 1 jalepeno pepper, minced with seeds removed 8 clovegarlic, minced or...

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