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05 Nov The Gut Microbiome: Impacts Everything

Today’s understanding of the microbiome has profound implications on our entire body and mind. Something astonishing has been happening in medicine that is completely changing how we view health and disease. Today’s understanding of the microscopic life inside our gut—the microbiome—has profound implications for managing not...

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17 Jan Probiotics & Gut Health

Chris Decker, ND I’d like to suggest that there’s a paradigm shift afoot regarding probiotics–a new frontier, if you will. As we know, our human gut is home to a vast panoply of microorganisms, and in order to keep it that way we populate it with diverse...

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12 Apr Probiotics Affect on the Brain

Probiotics have been shown to “affect the brain activity linked to emotion and sensation”, says a recent study [1] from UCLA. The previously proposed relationship between the gut flora profile and mood has been postulated based on preliminary data in rodents, preclinical data in humans, and...

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