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27 Feb Menstrual Cycle Changes?

Experiencing changes in your menstrual cycle? One of the earliest signs that perimenopause is occurring and that menopause is approaching, is a change in your menstrual cycle. Here’s what I tell my patients they may experience: Missed periods ­ you may skip your period for a month...

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12 Jan Hormones and Our Minds

Some practitioners continue to proclaim that all estrogens are the same and all progesterones (synthetic included) are alike. It's quite clear that there is sufficient scientific research to claim otherwise: very small differences between molecules can result in significant differences in effects on the body....

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29 Jan A Naturopathic Approach to Menopause

Currently, there is much controversy regarding how to manage a woman’s menopausal symptoms. From a Naturopathic perspective, managing menopause has always required a very individualized approach. One size does not fit all, and never did! The revelations of the Women’s Health Initiative in the US...

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