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07 Apr The Power of Probiotics

So, what are probiotics anyway? It has certainly become the new “it girl” ingredient in everything from yogurt to granola bars and people seem to be catching on to the trend, buying probiotic enriched products by the truckloads. There’s just one little problem: a lot...

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07 Apr Smoothies for Everyday Nourishment

Years of research have revealed than an increasing number of adults and children are eating too much and exercising too little. In most industrialized countries, obesity is being linked to numerous health problems.  It is one of the most prevalent epidemics related to overeating and...

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06 Apr Adding Vital Greens To Your Diet: Study

If you’re looking for a food that is exceptionally nutritious, packed with protein and phytochemicals, and will boost your immune system and give you energy all while tackling your cholesterol and triglycerides, Vital Greens is it! The greener the green, the higher the chlorophyll content. And...

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