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17 Feb General Food Avoidance List When Cleansing

For cleansing/detoxification success, it's best to avoid processed and refined foods and avoid the foods listed below (as well as any food sensitivities/allergies you may have). This avoidance list couples well with the Digestive Restoration Program and its 4Rs (rest, repair, restore, reintroduction). If you...

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25 May Detoxify and Revitalize From the Inside Out

Detoxification or detox for short is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body. You might benefit from detoxification if you have 3 or more of following symptoms: White or yellow coating on the tongue, bad breath Acne...

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02 Apr 3 Step Cleanse Program

This Program offers you an exciting and simple way to start improving your health and changing your life. You’ll need to refer to your customized Shopping List for approved lists of food to help you optimize the health gains with the Program. The General Food...

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