Dr. Tasnim Adatya

Naturopathic Doctor • Primary Care Practitioner
Menopause Clinician • Registered Acupuncturist
Who I Am

Dr. Tasnim Adatya is a Naturopathic Doctor who is passionate about sharing the wisdom of naturopathic medicine to help people optimize their health goals.

My Approach

Dr. Adatya holds a strong passion for preventative healthcare and optimal health awareness and understands that health is so much more than the absence of disease.

Why Choose Me

Dr. Adatya has helped thousands of people with chronic health problems, hormone issues, pain, stress, weight challenges, digestive problems, among others for nearly 20 years.


I specialize in providing preventative and general health care for women from adolescence to the postmenopausal years.

I have been addressing digestive issues like bloating and pain head on for decades. Let's get your energy and immune system back!

I can be an invaluable resource and help you take the first step forward to feeling better. The sooner we address the root cause, the sooner the fog will lift.

Children can benefit from holistic, safe, non-invasive and non-drug therapies. Let's ensure yours are looked after properly.

As you begin to age, you may incur specific health issues. I can help with the prevention and treatment of most health conditions .

I happily offer my time and knowledge to increase fertility naturally in women using diet, herbs, nutrients and natural hormones.


And why I love being a doctor…


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