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And the reason I love being a physician….

I have been a patient of Dr. Adatya’s for 7 months now and I sought her advice in hopes of helping to curb my cravings for junk food and sugar. Has she ever! I went from a soft 215 lbs down to a rock hard 190 lbs! The most dramatic change from working with Dr. Adatya has been the fact that I am off my anti-anxiety drug (Zoloft), which I had been taking for over 8 years for my panic attacks! It’s been months and no attacks. Lots of people have seen the dramatic effects Dr. Adatya’s treatments has had for me and I have family and friends all seeing her now as well. If you’re looking for a Vancouver Naturopath, choose her!

– William

Despite a rigorous skin routine and active lifestyle, I have suffered from acne for most of my adult life. Dr. Adatya was able to quickly and effectively narrow down the root cause, and put me on the path towards an appropriate diet for my skin type. Additionally, she has several times picked up on underlying hormonal and nutritional imbalances that other doctors failed to notice until it was brought to their attention. Dr. Adatya is both knowledgeable and thorough, and her monthly newsletter has been an invaluable source of information to me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle day to day. She delves into the most up to date, cutting edge research, while effectively simplifying and summarizing for the general reader. Her methods and manner inspire both comfort and confidence in me, and I look forward to continuing to work with her. If you haven’t considered seeing a Naturopath, you should!

– Kyra

Before I met Dr. Adatya I suffered from chronic stress that contributed to countless digestive issues, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and infections. At first I tried some conventional pharmaceuticals with little to no improvement in my symptoms. I became deeply unhappy; I felt like my body was my enemy, and I woke up every day only to fight with it. In addition to addressing my mental and emotional needs, Dr. Adatya guided me to better health with food sensitivity testing, herbal and nutritional supplements as well as lifestyle and diet modifications. Today I can happily say that while I still experience stress, I do not have the same physical and psychological symptoms as before. Dr. Adatya is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her assessments. She listens attentively and inspires confidence in her patients by acknowledging that we know our own bodies best. I feel fortunate to be in Vancouver and have her as my Naturopathic doctor.

– Yvonne

Dr. Adatya has helped me and my family over many years with various health and wellbeing matters; ranging from auto-immunity, digestive and dietary problems.  She has always been extremely positive and helpful.  Nothing has been too much trouble for her and she has always been willing to consider all possible avenues of enquiry and research in a holistic approach to health.  She seems to have unlimited energy and enthusiasm and combines an amazingly broad and detailed knowledge of naturopathic medicine with a good appreciation of more conventional medical treatments.

– Robert

I have been seeking the advice of Dr. Adatya for many years now.  She came with high recommendations from a family friend during a visit I made to Vancouver. As I live in the UK, and there are no licensed Naturopaths here, I continue to be advised by Dr. Adatya for many of my family’s health issues. She has an in depth knowledge on women’s health issues and has been tremendously helpful on the many problems I have had through the years. She is always the first person I would go to for advice regarding my children’s health issues, from babyhood gut issues, to now, adolescent hormonal changes. Dr. Adatya has always followed up my many queries with thoughtful thorough research to guide me to a solution or positive direction leading to a resolution in most cases. Thank you!

– Susannah

My wife was on Prozac. It led her to have an “I don’t give a darn” attitude about important things, and she had stomach pain the entire time she was on it. I booked her an appointment with Dr. Adatya and she helped my wife transition off the Prozac and onto natural herbs and supplements. Her stomach problems went away the day she stopped Prozac. Now that she’s on her natural therapies, her depression hasn’t returned. She is relaxed and cares again about the important things in her life.

– Michael

I went to see Dr. Adatya hoping to resolve some minor health concerns. What I received and experienced was so much more. The holistic and natural approach that Dr. Adatya took regarding my health is not only impactful and effective but empowering! I never realized how much control I could have over my health. She taught me so much about my body and how it works in conjunction with my past health history and current lifestyle. Dr. Adatya gave me so much more than a resolution to my health concerns; she gave me confidence and knowledge for which I am so grateful. I can gladly say that her health plan for me was manageable, effective and has made me appreciate my body again! 

– James

I’ve had the privilege to see Dr. Adatya for almost 14 weeks. When I first entered her Naturopathic Medical office, I had BAD digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, skin issues, and the inability to lose weight no matter what I tried. Dr. Adatya brought all this into perspective for me. She designed a program just for me that helped me in every aspect. My digestive issues have subsided. My hormones are regulated. Skin is doing great. And biggest of all, I am dropping the pounds efficiently now. She is amazing at figuring out what the next step should be in your plan. Trust her with your care! I am glad I did.

– Amy

I have been to many Vancouver Naturopaths and Dr. Adatya is the first doctor that made me feel better, and really helped my symptoms.  She is so knowledgeable in all health issues, and helped me to balance my hormones and manage my stress. She is so understanding and she really listens to you.  I was so impressed that I had my daughter and best friend go to her. Thank you Dr. Adatya. You have made a big difference in my life.

– Bonnie

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and have been struggling with the pains and discomfort. Since I’ve been working with Dr. Adatya, the pain and discomfort have reduced, and her treatments have enabled me to do things that I couldn’t do before. Dr. Adatya’s guidance has brought about some major changes, which have improved my health and mind. I have since recommended her clinical services to family, friends, and colleagues and will continue to do so, as my results speak for themselves.

– Joclyn

I am writing to compliment you on your knowledge. I just had the opportunity to one appointment and it was very impressive. Your patient intake form is undoubtedly the most comprehensive intake I have ever completed. Thank you for the time you spent reviewing my health history, assessing the severity of my symptoms, analyzing my risk factors, and accounting for my lifestyle and values. I particularly appreciated being part of the decision-making process for my treatment protocol. I have immeasurable confidence in your clinical and diagnostic skills. I look forward to our next visit, Dr. Adatya!

– Kim

Wow! Dr. Adatya, your unique ability to explain women’s health issues through physiology has been fundamental in helping our organization better understand each other and our individual abilities to maximize human potential.

– Deborah

As an expecting mother, I am so thankful to Dr. Adatya for introducing me to naturopathic medicine. She has taught me so much about pre- & post-conception health. Her nutritional guidance and medical coaching has given me the tools to create the health I desire for my family and I. Everything she recommends is well-researched and of the highest quality. My family and I are so impressed with how I look and feel. My husband and I recommend Dr. Adatya to absolutely everyone in Vancouver. Whether you’re a top athlete or a pregnant woman, anyone can benefit from her skills. Book an appointment with her and get ready for better health and energy!

– Illana

I chose Dr. Adatya to be my primary care provider because I must say, she is the best and most thorough physician I know. She exudes confidence and is dedicated to life-long learning and providing her patients with the latest information on health research.

– Jason

I have been eating a whole-food diet most of my life and consider myself to be in great health. I consulted with Dr. Adatya to ensure my health was optimal. She prescribed her patented Smoothie and for the past 5 months it has been a part of my diet and fitness program. Training for endurance sports and working full time requires a lot of fuel and I can’t believe the difference Dr. Adatya’s Smoothie has made. It is so unique and includes such a wide spectrum of healthy ingredients. It has also helped curb my cravings for junk food and sugar. It is easy to digest and doesn’t leave me hungry and out of energy an hour later. Dr. Adatya is my go-to Vancouver Naturopath!

– Sonia

Hi Dr. Adatya. I was very impressed with your presentation, you not only knew the topic, you had great metaphors to explain it and give insight.  You also were a great dynamic presenter. Boring people can’t hold the attention of a room full of ADD adults for 2 hours straight. While you know the medical model, you also know the other aspects of understanding and treating health concerns, including behavior modification and nutrition. Normally I would not expect to get this all in a single person.

– Janet

Trained in conventional Western medicine, I have been frustrated with the limitations to drug treatments for my patients’ concerns. I have often referred patients to Dr. Adatya and consulted with her on cases that have not responded to conventional forms of therapy. I must say I have been very impressed with her knowledge and most importantly, her results.

– Dr. J

First off I want to thank you, Dr. Adatya, for your tenacity, professionalism and caring work with me last fall and spring as I struggled with a slow slip into depression in my 50th year. You were one of the key people to recognize, support and educate me, both with medical and natural options, on my road to health. By giving me the time and information I needed, the right solution, for me became clear and acceptable. I am on a low dose of Effexor, as well as, continuing to take my Dr. Adatya “morning mix” of vitamins, greens and oils. I also do daily meditation, exercise and work with a Therapist who specializes in Mindful Living and Meditation.

I realize it is your job and passion to work as a Naturopathic Doctor but you also have an innate ability to supportively educate clients to move, at their own pace, towards a healthy and positive life. You see the whole person and include age, lifestyle, family history, life experience and possible trauma to suggest and/or prescribe naturopathic remedies, bio identical hormones, meditation, exercise, life style changes, therapy and medication. I have worked with clients with Mental Health issues and knew the game from their perspective. But living it myself I felt the self induced stigma and how little real care and attention is out there when you are struggling with a mental health crisis, I have moved from hiding my history to celebrating my courage. I am truly thankful to you Dr. Adatya.

– Kathryn

Dr. Adatya has been a key figure in the recognition and treatment of women’s hormonal imbalances. She deserves great credit for her outreach and advocacy efforts with both the general public and health care professionals.

– Professor Pamela

I had been feeling just “blah” for what seemed like years before I met Dr. Adatya. I started on her prescribed program and within a few months I felt somewhat better, but something was still missing. Then, Dr. Adatya prescribed a homeopathic medicine, it was like someone turned on the lights. I felt like a kid again, playing, being happy, and not as burdened as I had become. She is the best Naturopath I have worked with, Vancouver is lucky to have her.

– Julian

Dr. Adatya is a very astute and dedicated physician.  Her sage advice has helped me many times. I have recommended her to several people and who have also benefited greatly from her care.

– Dr. Deidre

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